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Please read about spam and if you have received spam which mentions

Note: because of the volume of spam fraudulently pretending to be from, I have disabled use of itself as a mail destination. Instead please use for registry correspondence. third level domains were opened up in July 2002 by auDA. stopped accepting new registration requests around 2004, but changes can still be made to registered sub-domains. registry

The sub-domain of is maintained by David Keegel as a service to the Australian Internet community.

Registrations in are free of charge. David is committed never to charge registrants in

You can find a fuller description of what is at the Web page. Briefly, is a domain space set aside for Australian individuals to register their own private domain names (such as This allows an individual (or family) to have network addresses which are portable as they change jobs, schools or ISPs.

There are a number of sub-domain registries within, named after Australian flora and fauna. (In the physical world, a wattle is a tree.) Until July 2002, your individual domain name could only be registered by the registry of one of these sub-domains.

Note that is maintained by a volunteer. If turnaround time of less than a few weeks is important for you, or you need assistance with the DNS, it is suggested that you go to an auDA Accredited registrar or reseller instead.

If you already have a domain, you may change your details. If you have lost your domain token (password) you can request manual token recovery.

If you would prefer to send your confidential details encrypted, you can use the PGP Key in E-mail to hostmaster at Note: please use PGP version 2.x format.

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